“Amaka, Amikan” – is translated as “Bear” from the language of native people – the Evenki , who used to inhabit the territory around Baikal Lake. According to their beliefs, bears don’t touch women. If the bear meets a woman – takes her to taiga forest to his den and makes her the mistress of the den. Right now this indigenous people - the Evenks - live on the North of Baikal, most of them along the BAM railway in Chitinskaya region. I was very lucky to travel to those places. Those Evenks who still are deer-breeders live in the brides in the forest in the remote areas away from villages and civilization. Most of evenks live in the villages along the BAM. Most of the youngs go to the cities, and it's a pity that very few of them return to the campsites in the forest to continue deer-breeding and follow their traditional lifestyle. I like their beautiful language: Amaka, Syulban, Nyama... and them as well:-))

Read the legend about Amikan in one of our artictes: The legend about "Amikan"

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My name is Svetlana and I've been a tour guide at lake Baikal for more than 15 years. I've always been passionate about travelling to Baikal lake. In summer it was trekking along the shores, camping in cozy bays, rock-climbing, biking, boat rides. In winter it was cross-country skiing, ice trekking, skating, dog-sledding and snowmobiling, ice-climbing on ice-fall, trips on wide skis to taiga forest and overnight in tents with stove. I am happy to be born and live here in Siberia - to breath fresh frosty air and drink clear Baikal water, to admire mountain landscapes and walk in taiga forests, to discover new bays and shores of the Great sea. I wish to pass love and respect towards nature to my children and to all our guests who come from all over the world to see lake Baikal. I am looking forward to many years of welcoming and guiding you to your Baikal travels. See you on Baikal shores!


Julia is an interpreter and a tour guide since 2005. In 2004-2005 she took part in Round World Expedition "Vancouver to Vancouver" by human power (Canada-Russia). She loves travelling a lot. It comes from her distant childhood where she spent all her free time away from home somewhere in Forests, Fields, Rivers, Mountains... She says: "Travelling is my Way of Life. Nature is my Home, where I feel save, free and absolutely happy!" At the moment Julia takes care of her baby but continues to support us in our projects.


Hi! My name is Dasha. I guess I fell in love with nature before I was born because my pregnant mom went to taiga in autumn to pick up cedar nuts. 28 years after she often worries when I'm away in the mountains or expeditions but what can I do? It was destined. I've been a tour guide for 7 years and still consider that to be a perfect job. That's when you can meet wonderful people from all over the world and share the passion with them. That's when you wake up in the middle of nowhere, grab your camera and a tripod to shoot a wonderful sunrise. That's when all your hobbies as hiking, cycling, snowboarding, photography, etc can be parts of your job as well. That's when adventure is your way of life. Can it ever get any better?


In summertime I like rafting, trekking through the mountains and bicycling. In winter I go cross-country skiing, skating along Lake Baikal, and ice-climbing on icefalls in the Sayan mountains. My main specialty is industrial high rise works, so I love everything connected with working with a rope. My hobby is a family fencing club, so I am ready to take bootographic weapons to my trips for a game and memorable shots. My first trips were with my parents and grandparents (my grandmother still goes rafting at her 84 y.o.) therefore at the first opportunity I go to nature! I wish others to believe in themselves and never be afraid of anything!!!

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