North of Baikal

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Is severe and most preserved its natural beauty territory of Baikal. The place where one loses the feeling of time and The absence of roads, settlements and tourists make it irresistibly attractive for everybody who is fond of and value pristine Nature.

Once coming here one loses the feeling of time and the value of human's affair. Nature is so generous here with calmness, beauty and eternity.

The mountains come very close to the lake here and their altitude is higher than on Southern Baikal. The Baikal-Lena and Barguzinsky reserve protect this vast territory. The best ways to come here is by boat while on cruise, and discover the uninhabited shore, near-by routes along the rivers to the mountains and waterfalls, have a swim in hot springs, enjoy fishing and just listening to the waves splashes and drinking the Baikal fresh air – not breathing, will fill you with energy and power of this magnificent place.


Expedition to reindeer herders of Northern Baikal

This tour is for real enthusiasts who would like to get familiar with traditions and lifestyle of the native people of Siberia – Evenki.

North of Baikal


Baikal cruise

Visiting the most remote places and cozy bays of Baikal Nature Reserve. Untouched nature, swimming in clear waters, hot springs, tasting local food and enjoying beauty of Baikal nature.

North of Baikal Maloye more (small sea) Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos Listvyanka