Maloye more (small sea)

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– or Small sea – it not quite a sea, it is just a strait between the largest Island of the lake - Olkhon, and Baikal western shore. So if you are aimed at sunbathing and fishing – this is a place for you. A little amount of precipitation, about 200 sunny days a year, warm water in cozy bays which warms up to 22C, lovely mountainous and taiga forest landscapes with aroma herbs, great fishing and road availability made this place quite popular among people. If you take a steppe turn or forest road – it may bring you to some interesting places, such as caves or unique sights. It is about 300 km away from Irkutsk along the road, which is not good everywhere, but quite picturesque with rural landscapes: fields, pastures, and villages.


Baikal winter dream

Ride over ice of Baikal by hovercraft, snowmobile or dogsledding in wintry forest, overnight in wooden hotel in quiet remote place, ice-grottoes and frozen shores of Baikal, shaman and hot Banya!

Maloye more (small sea) Olkhon Irkutsk

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Photo expedition to frozen Baikal lake

Life-experience of gigantic, crystalline, miraculous wonder on earth during our photo-tour! Ice trekking on Baikal and night on ice in the middle of the lake, crossing Baikal by dog-sled, ice grottoes...

Maloye more (small sea) Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos

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Baikal cruise

Visiting the most remote places and cozy bays of Baikal Nature Reserve. Untouched nature, swimming in clear waters, hot springs, tasting local food and enjoying beauty of Baikal nature.

North of Baikal Maloye more (small sea) Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos Listvyanka