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- is a live heart of sacred Baikal, where shaman spirits are still being worshipped. It is the largest island of the lake, which outlines resemble the shape of Baikal. Though the island only 72 km long, various landscapes preserved there its beauty: woodless steppes together with golden sandy beaches are stretched along little bays, as well as monumental rocks and steep slopes are covered with thick shaggy forests at the eastern side. Olkhon is surrounded with lots of myths and legends; according to one there lives a master of Olkhon in the image of eagle. You won’t find ticks here and this island is called “Sunny Island” as there are almost no rains, but a lot of sunny days throughout the year.


Crystal Baikal ice

Explore wintry Baikal lake while snowmobiling in the forest, dog-sledding (optional) on the ice, aeroglisseur ride to the biggest island on the lake - Olkhon, admire the ice-grottoesand try ice-fishing!

Maloye more Olkhon Irkutsk Listvyanka

SightseeingSnowmobilingJeep toursDog-sleddingIce-fishing

Summer tour to Baikal

Visit the "Heart of Baikal" - sunny Olkhon island, trekking and camping along the shore of sacred lake Baikal, train along the Circum-Baikal railway, speed boat ride.

Olkhon Listvyanka Circum-Baikal railway Bolshiye Koty Bolshoye Goloustnoye


Baikal cruise

Visiting the most remote places and cozy bays of Baikal Nature reserve. Untouched nature, swimming in clear waters, hot springs, tasting local food and enjoying beauty of Baikal nature.

North of Baikal Maloye more Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos Listvyanka