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is located in Zabaikalskiy National park. The name can be translated as “sturgeon’s head (nose)” from the language of local people. It separates two Baikal large coves: Chivyrkuiskiy, and Barguzinskiy. The deep Chivykruiskiy cove, indented with numerous bays, warm water, golden sand beaches, and the abundance of fish is highly popular among tourists. In Zmeinaya bay you can take hot baths. The name of the bay comes from nonpoisonous grass-snakes hibernating here. At the shore where the spring comes out there is a wooden box built for people to take baths. The temperature of the water there is +40 to +45˚С depending on the season. But it is not recommended to stay longer than 10-15 minutes at one time in the bath! The springs are believed to cure and prevent radiculitis, locomotorium system, skin problems and just for relaxing. Fresh summer forest air, hot warmth of curing water, stunning Baikal views – this combination always gives amazing effect of recovery from city tiredness and depression.The Barguzinskiy cove near by the peninsula edges with sand beaches. Ushkanyi islands is especially strict protected territory as it is the major seal rookery. About 2000 human-friendly sea animals found their breeding place here away from noisy world. The islands are home to rare bitch and larch trees, as well as ant-hills number several thousand.


Two shores - two cultures

Visiting both shores of lake Baikal and experiencing two cultures, crossing on ice from Olkhon island to Oust Barguzin, dog-sledding and ice grottoes!

Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos Listvyanka Ulan-Ude

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Photo expedition to frozen Baikal lake

Life-experience of gigantic, crystalline, miraculous wonder on earth during our photo-tour! Ice trekking on Baikal and night on ice in the middle of the lake, crossing Baikal by dog-sled, ice grottoes...

Maloye more (small sea) Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos

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Baikal cruise

Visiting the most remote places and cozy bays of Baikal Nature Reserve. Untouched nature, swimming in clear waters, hot springs, tasting local food and enjoying beauty of Baikal nature.

North of Baikal Maloye more (small sea) Olkhon pen. Svyatoy Nos Listvyanka


Charming Baikal

Trekking along the shore of Baikal and camping in cozy bays, visiting old rock drawings and magnificent cliffs, boat ride, hot springs of Chivirkuiskiy bay, ride to "Little Mongolia" - Barguzin valley, get familiar with culture of old believers and visit to Ivolginsk Buddhist center.

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