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Khamar-Daban is a mountain ridge, located at the south of Baikal. Especially much snow occurs here, and snow-drifts reach the height of a human. The slopes of Khamar-Daban mountains retain a stable snow cover till May, which then change to marvelous blossoming of wild Rhododendron which is widely spread of the slopes here. Khamar-Daban can be translated from Buryat language as "ridge-nose" or "Nut pass". It is the ancient mountainous ridge, which is stretched along southern part of Baikal. Its mountains reach 2000-2300 meters above the sea-level. The most significant sights here are Cherskiy peak, Sable lakes, Snezhnaya, Utulik, Temnik and Zun-Murin rivers which form magnificent waterfalls. Unique natural complexof central part of Khamar-Daban is under preservation of Baikal state natural biosphere reserve now. The mountains break steep to Baikal lake and are the natural barrier for air blasts, carried over Baikal lake. The amount of precipitations is higher than other places of Baikal. Special humid microclimate favors rich growth of various plants, thus making this place "Siberian jungles". This place is also called Siberian Alps. Cross-country skiing and Alpine ski-tracks of any complexity are possible here. This place has its own multi-climate with high humidity, crystal-clear rivers and alpine lakes, huge bearded cedar-trees and soft deep moss. In summer time in such Riviera it is especially pleasant to have different trekking and hiking routes of any duration.


Ice-trekking "Breath of Baikal"

Ice-trek in the middle of frozen Baikal lake, spend a night in tent on ice, walk on skis in deep snow of wintry taiga, warm sauna and night in wooden hut in the silence of surrounding forest.

Irkutsk Listvyanka Khamar-Daban


Winter fairytale

3 days trekking to snow-capped mountains, walk on skis over deep snow, snowmobile in wintry taiga forest and ice climbing on ice fall! This is an adventurous tour for sportive enthusiasts.

Irkutsk Khamar-Daban Tunkinskaya valley


Trekking to Khamar-Daban mountains

Trekking to "Siberian Alps" for 4 days (about 20 km per day) among giant cedar trees, mountain rashing streams and a cascade of waterfalls towards "Lake Heart" and Cherskiy peak (2090m.)

Irkutsk Khamar-Daban