Krasniy (Red) means "Krasota" (Beauty)
Russian folklore group performance in Taltsy museum
Russian children in Taltsy museum
Russian ladies celebrating "Troitza" holiday
Having dinner with a local lady in the village
Fishing in Chivirkuiskiy bay
Evenk man on the North of Baikal
A Russian girl in traditional Siberian dress
Vladimir Ilyich, his wife and cat - the hosts on Kadilniy cape, Baikal lake
A house in Bolshiye Koty village
A cossack man living on Circum-Baikal railway
Alexander is a real Evenk
Buryat man in Uzury
Klavdiya Vasilyevna is the most experienced participant of our group. She is a wonderful guide, a cook, driver and the kindest person!
Oleg - canoeing instructor
Birch bark craftsman in the village