Charming Baikal
Duration: 14 days

June - September;

Baikal is becoming more and more popular among tourists. BUT there are still little nooks and cozy bays which seem untouched as there are no roads for cars to reach. We want to offer you to find such places with quiet private bays where you may pause, relax and enjoy. 6 days trekking on western shore of Baikal at non touristic places, visiting the magnificent cliffs and mysterious rock drawings, biking (optional) on the biggest island of Baikal - Olkhon, boat ride to the opposite shore to Oust-Barguzin, hot springs of the biggest bay on Baikal - Chivirkuiskiy gulf, ride to "Little Mongolia" - Barguzin valley, meet the shaman, visit Old Believer's village and a Buddhist temple - datsan in Ivolginsk. We may shorten the program for you depending on your time available.

Day 1. Arrival. Transfer Irkutsk - Buguldeika village, start of the trekking, overnight in tent on the shore of Baikal.
Day 2. First day of trekking. Overnight in tent on the shore of Baikal.
Day 3. Continue trekking northwards.
Day 4. Trekking along the shoreline of Baikal
Day 5. Trekking to Sagan-Zaba bay, exploring ancient rock drawings.
Day 6. Trekking Sagan-Zaba – Aya bay.
Day 7. Tageran steppe and transfer to Olkhon island.
Day 8. UAZ - car excursion to the northernmost of Olkhon island - Khoboy.
Day 9. Crossing Baikal by boat from Olkhon - Oust-Barguzin village.
Day 10. Excursion to Chivirkuiskiy bay ( Svyatoy Nos peninsula ) Hot springs.
Day 11. One-day excursion to Barguzin valley.
Day 12. Half-day rest in Ulyun. Meeting with a shaman.
Day 13. Transfer Oulyun - Oust-Barguzin – Ulan-Ude . Sightseeing the city.
Day 14. Visit to Buddhist datsan in Ivolginsk. Old-believers village. Night train to Irkutsk .

Day 1.

Transfer Irkutsk – Buguldeika village, start of the trekking, overnight on the shore of Baikal

Meeting at the airport with your guide. Transfer to Buguldeika village which is on the shore of Baikal (230 km to go, about 3.5 hours drive). On the way visiting the white marble quarry. Arrival to Buguldeika village, lunch. Packing the bags and start of the trekking. Today you will not go far, just about 5 km way to the camping place. Rest. Setting the tents, dinner. Overnight. (-, , D).

Day 2.

First day of trekking.

Late breakfast. Packing the backpacks, start of the trip. The path runs mostly along forest, climbs and ascends some rocks on the tops of which you cay enjoy magnificent views of lake Baikal. Trekking distance for today is about 20 km. Lunch will be prepared for you on fire on the way. Upon arrival to Goliy cape we’ll set up a tent camp and a hot dinner will be cooked for you. Overnight in tents. (B, , D).

Day 3.

Continue trekking northwards

Today after breakfast you will continue trekking. The road also runs through the forest, down to some bays. The distance today is about 18 km. Once we reach a nice cozy Marta bay - we’ll stop for overnight. Dinner. Overnight in tents. (B, , D).

Day 4.

Trekking along the shoreline of Baikal

In the morning we’ll pack our camping equipment and load it to the car and take only light backpacks for the day. Trekking northwards. At some point the trekking route leaves shore line and runs through the plateau next to Baikal Lake. The trail goes along a forest road to the several salt lakes in steppe. Continue trekking down the valley to the Baikal Lake where we will reach Krestovaya bay. Setting the tent camp. (or possible to spend this night in wooden cabins of local tourist base, extra cost. Possible to have a wash in local Banya (steam sauna). Dinner, overnight in tent. (B, , D).

Day 5.

Trekking to Sagan-Zaba bay, exploring ancient rock drawings

After breakfast you will ascent a gorgeous cliff from top of which a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Baikal opens up. After a short stop for taking pictures you will descend this cliff by the steep slope and reach Sagan-Zaba bay. At the language of native people it means White Rock and this place for hundreds of years has been sacred for locals. In this bay there is a white-marble cliff on which you can find ancient inscriptions (drawings) of dancing shamans with horns, deer and birds. Your guide can also show you around and visit the small cave near by. Return to the camp, overnight in tents. (B, , D).

Day 6.

Trekking Sagan-Zaba – Aya bay

After breakfast you’ll continue your trip to Birhit bay. Stop for lunch near a beautiful creak. Continue your trip to the valley of the Anga River. Near the river‘s delta you will undertake an easy ascend to the Shibite Mountain top that used to serve as an observation platform and light signal spot. From here there is a fantastic view over surroundings. Around a top of this mountain you can find ancient stone-made walls. Scientists have found that this mountain was a sacred place for locals many years ago. After that we will cross Anga River by bridge and hike to the campsite, which is located at the top of the rocky cliff with a marvelous panoramic view to Baikal Lake. There is a beautiful arch near-by – a natural sight. If you wish your guide can also show you the cave. (B, , D).

Day 7.

Tageran steppe and transfer to Olkhon island

After breakfast you’ll ride by car (with optional walk) through Tageran steppe, visiting the valley of Stone Spirits. There is a big number of different funny shaped rocks standing at the middle of plateau of Tageran steppe. Local legend says that they are ancient warriors, turned into a stone by the main spirit of this area. Possible ascending the Tan-Khan or Shebete mount (which is translated as "look-out" post. From the top you may enjoy the view to lake Baikal from up high. Transfer to the ferry, crossing Olkhon’s Gate strait, transfer by car to Khuzhir village, accommodation in guest house. In the evening it is possible to walk to the shore to see famous Burkhan cape (also called Shamanka rock). Return to the hotel. Dinner. (B, , D).

Day 8.

UAZ - car excursion to the northernmost of Olkhon island - Khoboy.

09.00 - Breakfast at the hotel.
10.00 - Start of excursion.

Today you'll visit the most picturesque sights of Olkhon island as you are going to excursion to the northern part – Khoboy cape. The best transport on Olkhon is Russian 4WD – UAZ car, as it is optimal for off road in the forest. Before you reach Khoboy you’ll have several stops on the way to admire the beauty of local landscape. The most popular are: Sandy bay where Gulag camp used to be, Three Brothers cape with 3 separate steep rocks rising from the water. Khoboy Cape (from Buryat language it means “fang, tooth”) – is the most northern point of Olkhon Island. It is spectacular rock which is located near the widest place at Baikal – 79,5 km.

14.00 - Lunch will be served for you as a picnic in the forest.

You’ll try a fish soup made from Baikal water and local fish – Omul. Before returning back to Khuzhir we’ll make a stop in one more place – Uzury.

17.00 - Return to the hotel.
18.00 - Russian Banya - a kind of steam sauna which will make you clean and relaxed.
20.00 - Dinner. Overnight.

Day 9.

Crossing Baikal by boat from Olkhon - Oust-Barguzin village.

09.00 - Breakfast.
10.00 - Transfer by boat to the opposite shore - Oust-Barguzin village.

You will cross Baikal in its widest part. The distance is about 80km.

15.00 - Accommodation in a local family.
16.00 - You may walk around the village in your free time.
17.00 - Banya.
19.00 - Dinner. (B, L, D).

Day 10.

Excursion to Chivirkuiskiy bay.

09.00 - Breakfast.
10.00 - Transfer by car to the most beautiful bay of Lake Baikal - Chivirkuiskiy bay.

The car will bring you to the main pier where you will get on boat. White sand beaches, 7 islands, natural hot springs, warm water in the bay make this the most popular tour. You will go across the isthmus of Saint Nose peninsula by car to the water transport in the area Monakhovo. You'll admire for a few hours the ever-changing landscape of Baikal while being on boat. During the tour it is possible to have a walk on the hiking trail through the taiga, along the coast, lasting from one to three hours.

13.00 - Lunch as a picnic.
17.00 - Return to Oust Barguzin. Duration: 8 hours.
18.00 - Banya.
19.00 - Dinner. (B, L, D).

Day 11.

One-day excursion to Barguzin valley

09.00 - Breakfast.
10.00 - Excursion to Barguzin valley (also called "Little Mongolia") by 4*4 car.

In 50 km from Baikal there are expanses of the river Barguzin. According to the legend, this is Genghis Khan's mother's homeland, with its numerous monuments of nature and archeology. Rock paintings of 3000 years ago, the rock garden area of 10 km2 and the salt lake and majestic rock outcrops. Bull - stone is a sacred place among Barguzin Buryat people. You will have a ride by car in northern steppes of Asia, which gives a sharp contrast with Baikal nature, visiting the village of Barguzin, the first Russian settlement beyond Baikal.

13.00 - Lunch at a local lady with tasting the local treats.
14.00 - Visiting the Suvo castle, also called the Sacsony. It is nature-made castle of stones on the nearest slope of Suvo village. You may have a walk to the top to enjoy a wonderful view from there.
17.00 - Arrival to Oulyun meadow. Accommodation in the wooden house. It is a quiet remote place. (facilities outside, no shower, sleeping bags). The house is heated with the stove.
19.00 - Banya.
20.00 - Dinner. On the first day you will ride on one side of the river valley, and the next day you will return on the opposite side of the valley. (B, L, D).

Day 12.

Half-day rest in Ulyun. Meeting with a shaman.

09.30 - Late Breakfast.
10.30 - Half day rest.

Today you may relax and pause around the surrounding nature. Some may make fire and cook food, some may have a walk to the forest (may be lucky to find some mushrooms), some may wash clothes in the running river.

13.00 - Lunch.
15.00 - Meeting with a local shaman.

The territory where you stay has been the territory of shaman since centuries. People lived close to nature and believe there are spirits all around in rocks, trees, mountains, etc. Shaman is a healer, a teacher, a respected person who has exceptional talent to talk to spirits. A local shaman will tell you about shamanism, perform a small ritual for you and may answer your questions.

18.00 - Banya. You should definately try a refreshing swim in the river near-by after Banya!
19.30 - Dinner.

Day 13.

Transfer Oulyun - Oust-Barguzin – Ulan-Ude. Sightseeing the city.

09.00 - Breakfast in a guest house.
10.00 - Transfer Oulyun - Oust-Bargouzine - Ulan-Ude. (about 350km). Ulan-Ude is the capital of Buryatia.
13.00 - Lunch in a road cafe.
15.00 - Accommodation in hotel.
16.00 - Walking excursion in the city. Sightseeing.
19.00 - Dinner in a cafe. (B, L, -).

Day 14.

Visit to Buddhist datsan in Ivolginsk. Old-believers village. Night train to Irkutsk

09.00 - Breakfast.
10.00 - Transfer to Ivolginskiy Datsan which is located 30 km away from Ulan-Ude.

It is the biggest Buddhist temple and spiritual center of Buddhism in Russia. The excursion to the temple will take about 2 hours.

13.00 - Lunch in Datsan.
15.00 - Visit to Old-believer's village.

You will enjoy the privilege of having lunch at the Russian Old Believers: ethnic and religious group of protestants (“Raskolniki”) exiled to Siberia in the 18th century after a religious reform introduced by Patriarch Nikon. You will get acquainted with the original culture, religion, folklore and art that existed in Russia before Peter the Great. You will see a piece of authentic Russia preserved in the Siberian taiga. Picturesque landscapes of vast fields and forests will please your eye on the way. Here you will feel the spirit of freedom! A local Old Believer family will show you around their house and yard. They will tell you about the history of the Old Believers in Buryatia, describe their everyday life, and explain how to survive severe Siberian winter.

12.00 - The hospitable hostess will invite you to have lunch in her house.

You will be served organic homemade foods - milk and sour cream from the house; vegetables and greenery from the garden; berries and mushrooms from the taiga; homemade vodka (“samogon”).

16.00 - Return to Ulan-Ude. Sightseeing the city.
19.00 - Dinner in a cafe.
21.00 - Transfer to the train station. Night train to Irkutsk (coupe compartment).
Group Size, people Tour price per person, EURO
The price may vary depending on a season. Please, contact our manager for actual prices.

Tour price includes:

  • Accommodation as mentioned in the programme
  • All fees for visiting national park zones
  • All transfers mentioned in the programme
  • English-speaking guide service
  • Meals during the tour
  • Rent of camping equipment, cooking and food ware

Tour price doesn’t include extra services:

  • Beverages
  • Extra services not mentioned in the programme

Our guests about this tour:

Bjoern Jaensch, Germany

Aug 22, 2018

Unforgettable holidays! It started with the tour planning already: Baikal Amikan (Svetlana) considered all individual and special ideas we had, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. The 16 day tour in short: Sightseeing in Severobaikalsk (including Yarki island and BAM museum), 4 days boat trip along the East Baikal coast down to Oust-Barguzin (including Ayaya bay, 14 km walk to Frolikha lake and back, Khakuzy with hot springs, Davsha with national park museum and walk on Evenki path, hot springs and fishing in Chivuikurskiy bay), Barguzin valley (including 2 days in the wild environment of Barguzin valley and meeting with Shaman), sightseeing in Ulan-Ude, visit to Old believers family, Olkhon island with Khuzhir, excursion to Khoboy and visit to a Burjat family, sigthseeing in Irkutsk, excursions to Taltsy and Listvyanka. Svetlana was the sole guide of our group of 7 friends. She is caring, warm-hearted, artistic, creative and inspiring and also highly professional and experienced. Everything was absolutely perfectly professionally prepared by Baikal Amikan! Svetlana has put so much of her experience into the itinerary, she has detailed it with many small enjoyable items. Thank you Svetlana for this tour! We will come back for sure! It will be hard to top this experience...

Guillaume Debrosse, France

Sep 15, 2015

This was a fantastic trip organised by Svetlana, an intense family experience in the beauty of the Baikal sceneries combining horse-riding, trekking, rafting, camping (7 nights) and resting for 2 weeks. Evgeniy - our guide - was really great, keen to show us exceptional spots and views with wild tracks, prompt to adapt to our needs and excellent cooker. We also appreciated the great sense of services when we had to change our programme at the last minute!