Siberians are hard working people, that suppose to stick to their words, they are stubborn and persistent, sturdy, straightforward, but friendly and welcoming at the same time, cause you can’t survive on your own in Siberia. They have a close relation with nature which influences their character, mind, thoughts and freedom.
Savage and violent nature of Baikal strikes a man from all sides. Living, majestic, mysterious and unrepetable. "Sacred Sea", "holy water" - the so-called Baikal from time immemorial and indigenous people, and Russians, who came to its shores as early as the XVII century, and traveling foreigners, bowing before his majestic, unearthly secret and beauty.
The Evenki, formerly known as the Tungus, practice taiga-type reindeer herding in south Siberia’s mountainous zones. Taiga is their endless home. Traditionally nomadic, they have practiced reindeer breeding, hunting and fishing. Some of the herds have still survived in the north Baikal area and follow their traditional lifestyle.
Clear ice cleared by the winds seems so thin that under it, like under a magnifying glass, water lives and stirs, it's scary to step on it, and yet under the feet the depth can be a meter and more thickness. One may hear rumbling and cracking burst of Baikal, stirring in spring, thus making wide, bottomless cracks which can be observed for a long time, and also rising from the water magnificent masses of blue hummocks.