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Album "Circum-Baikal railway"

– or locally called just as “Krugobaikalka” is an architectural-landscape reserve, where numerous engineer constructions are located at the 80-km shoreline of Baikal. It is amazing how naturally and balanced they fit into surrounding landscape. Before revolution this part of Transsiberian railway was called “The golden buckle of Russian steel belt”. Buckle – because it connected two parts of Transsiberian, separated by Baikal Lake, and golden – due to enormous costs spent on its construction, which was more than for all railroads in Russia. To get there is the same as to make a time journey 100 years back, everything is preserved the same way it used to be…

Circum-Baikal railway Dog-sledding over the ice of Baikal lake The Circum-Baikal railway Along the Circum-Baikal railway Circum-Baikal railway The dog- slegde on Baikal Transsiberian rails Trekking to Circum-Baikal railway Trekking to Baikal Train at Cicrum-Baikal railway Admiring the Baikal's beauty from the top of the tunnel of Circum-Baikal railway Lunch at the shore of Baikal Swimming in Baikal water Baikal lily River in the forest Trekking through the tunnel of Circum-Baikal railway Reaching the shore of Baikal Swimming in Baikal A local cossack man in one of the villages of Circum-Baikal railway Polovinka stop on Circum-Baikal railway You can meet different plants at the shore

Album "Khamar-Daban"

- is a mountain ridge, located at the south of Baikal. Especially much snow occurs here, and snow-drifts reach the height of a human. The slopes of Khamar-Daban mountains retain a stable snow cover till May, which then change to marvelous blossoming of wild Rhododendron which is widely spread of the slopes here. This place is also called Siberian Alps. Cross-country skiing and Alpine ski-tracks of any complexity are possible here. This place has its own multi-climate with high humidity, crystal-clear rivers and alpine lakes, huge bearded cedar-trees and soft deep moss. In summer time in such Riviera it is especially pleasant to have different trekking and hiking routes of any duration.

Khamar-Daban, redberry Khamar-Daban's forest Khamar-Daban's waterfall Khamar-Daban, view to Baikal Khamar-Daban, track to the Cherskiy Peak Khamar-Daban, flowers Khamar-Daban Khamar-Daban, peak Talsinskiy Khamar-Daban, flowers Khamar-Daban, flowers Khamar-Daban, lake 'Heart' Khamar-Daban, rain Mysterios wintry forest Wooden house at the Warm lake tourist base Snezhnaya river Making the path on the Snezhnaya (Snowy) river Snowy forest Morning winter forest Preparing lunch in the forest The village Snowboarding A winter house in taiga forest A train in Transsiberian railway A view from the Transsiberian train On the flowering meadows near the Cherskiy peak in Khamar-Daban Siberian jungles Trekking over the bridge crossing Sludyanka river On the top of Cherskiy Peak (Peak Cherskogo) On the way back from the summit of Cherskiy peak Trekking to the waterfalls Waterfalls of Podkomarnaya river One of the waterfalls of Podkomarnaya river Trekking in Khamar-Daban mountains In the mountains Crossing Sludyanka river It is possible to pick up blueberries while trekking At the fire near the meteostation of Khamar-Daban mountains Powerfull current of Sludyanka river In the taiga forest Lake "Heart" on the way to Cherskiy peak Tunka valley with Sayan mountains on the back Mountain ski resort in Baikalsk Thermal springs in Sukhaya village Bird cherry tree covered with snow in winter Snowmobiling in Baikalsk Snowmobile in Baikalsk Trekking over the bridge Guide On the top of Cherskiy Peak Trekking to the waterfalls The valleys of blossoming wild flowers The Meteostation base It is possible to rent horses for the luggage The guest house at the meteostation On the rocky part of ascending the Cherskiy peak A short break in the jungles On the trail to the waterfalls On a trail to waterfalls Crossing the river Sludyanka village Snow-capped stones among the partly frozen Sludyanka river The small base on the way to Cherskiy peak The route crosses Sludyanka river several times Trekking along Sludyanka river on the way to meteostation Lunch stop on Cossack meadow in Khamar-Daban mountains Deep carpet of snow Frozen trees in Khamar-Damab mountains Skiing in the wintry Baikal forest In the wintry forest In the forest of Khamar-Daban mountains Sveta in winter trip Winter forest The spirit of freedom in Khamar-Daban mountains Baikal is not frozen yet in early January On the way to the summit The wooden cabin at the meteostation Green moss hanging down from trees is a sign of ecologically clean zone Walk on hunting skis in Khamar-Daban mountains Skiing in the slopes of Khamar-Daban mountains View to Khamar-Daban mountains In the deep snow Walk on skis Winter hut On warm lakes in winter Inside the wooden hut Near Vydrino village in winter Village is deeped in wintry snow Winter hut in the forest

Album "Listvyanka"

– a small Russian settlement on the shore of Baikal, which is intended to become a Baikal city in some future as it is the shortest and easiest place to get on Baikal from Irkutsk. 70 km away from Irkutsk, and you are at the place there the only river – Angara flows out of Baikal. Baikal museum with nerpa aquarium, observation platform at Cherskiy rock with a great view to Angara outflow, Nerpa show, cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, amber-colored heaps of smoked, dried, salty Baikal fish – Omul, and plenty of Baikal souvenirs at the local market form a colorful atmosphere of a resort. Just some kilometers away along the shoreline and you are alone in the forest with splashing of Baikal waves…

Track from Listvyanka Track from Listvyanka Track from Listvyanka, horse Baikal water Track from Listvyanka Dog-sledding in the forest Dog-sledding on the frozen Baikal Before the start Balu In the dark valley with the sledding dogs Dog-sledding on Baikal On the top of the cliff Near the Bolshie Koty village Trekking along the shoreline to Goloustnoye villag Local Buryat lady The inside of a house in Bolshoe Goloustnoye On the streets of Bolshoe Goloustnoye Trekking in the forest Bolshie Koty village A wooden village house After the rain on the way to Goloustnoye village Drinking the clearest Baikal water Morning after the storm In the Black valley Before the trekking day in The Black valley Morning silence in Goloustnoye Bolshoe Goloustnoye village Three colors Trekking in September Campfire on the very shore of Baikal Trekking to Bolshie Koty village Baikal lily blossomming Boat at Baikal Baikal jungles Lunch on the shore Crossing the Devil's bridge Studying the flowers Curved window with the lady Curved windows in Taltsy museum Cherskiy rock Listvyanka village on the very shore of Baikal St.Nickolas church in Listvyanka On the boat in Listvyanka On the Cherskiy rock Autumn colors in Listvyanka Listvyanka shore Mayak hotel in Listvyanka In the forest of Taltsy museum In Taltsy museum Studying the wooden oil press The crafts man in Taltsy The larch wooden house of the 18th century Riding the funnicaler to Cherskiy rock in Listvyan Baikal sponge in the Baikal museum Omul fish in Baikal museum Diving in Baikal waters Start of diving in Baikal water Baikal sponge Baikal crustecia Diver with an old anchor Exploring the bottom of Baikal Clear ice of Baikal Dog-sled in the forest Before the start Dog-sledding over ice of Baikal Making friends with the dogs Wooden houses at the Dark valley Snowmobiling over the clear ice of Baikal On the ice of Baikal Snowmobiles in taiga Icy glass Looking through transparent ice The church of Bolshoe Goloustnoye village The non-freezing source of Angara river Evening sun in Baikal ice in Listvyanka Babushka selling Omul fish in winter Broken ice of frozen Baikal Baikal is frozen in January For the very first time at frozen Baikal Wooden house in Listvyanka Ice-skating on frozen Baikal lake Camping on the ice of Baikal lake I am at Baikal!!!! Horse-riding in the forest Diving at the Angara river source Icicles on the shores of Baikal Looking for fish under Baikal ice Trekking in the rain along the shore of Baikal Canoeing at Baikal Ilimskaya entrance tower in Taltsy museum It is possible to ride in a sled or wagon pulled by horses in Taltsy In one of the mansions on the front yard Trekking to Bolshie Koty village Family trekking Baikal Children are trekking in the forest Painted wooden house in Listvyanka Local children on bikes in Listvyanka Before the start of ice-diving at Baikal Baikal ice crack Start of the diving in Baikal A ferry from port Baikal on the opposite shore In Nicola village in winter Frozen shore of Listvyanka village Broken ice of Baikal Frozen Baikal A view from Cherskiy rock to Angara river outflow in winter Near the house of the birch bark craftsman in Bolshaya Rechka village Together with the master of the birch-bark utensils Steaming breath of Angara river at the place it flows out of Baikal At the house of the local craftsman Church in Taltsy museum of wooden architecture In Taltsy museum in winter On the funnicular in Listvyanka in winter Visiting the Mongolian yurt and trying the traditional fountaining bowls Feeding the horse in the forest Horses in the forest Canoeing along the shoreline of Baikal lake In a canoe in Baikal On a canoeing trip at Baikal lake To Baikal by quad Going through the swampy places in taiga forest by quad-bike Riding the quad-bike in taiga forest A short break in the forest while on a quad tour to Baikal Riding to Listvyanka along the shore of Baikal by quad Crossing the forest river by quad By quad to Baikal A trip to Baikal by ATV Speed boat In one of the caves of Kadilniy cape Exploring the caves of Kadilniy cape Trekking in the blossoming meadows Blossoming flowers in May Trekking along the shore of Baikal lake To Sandy bay by hover-craft Horse riding in the forest from Bolshie Koty to Listvyanka On horse-riding tour to Baikal House in Bolshie Koty Before making a lunch stop on horse-riding tour to Baikal Horses on the shore of Baikal Lunch stop in the forest during horse-riding tour to Baikal Baikal fish - Omul, prepared local way on fire On the way to Baikal A horse in the village Horse riding from Bolshie Koty village The tunnel of Circum-Baikal railway Thcum-golomo house of local Siberian people Siberian wooden house of the XIX century Wooden house of tourist base on the bank of Angara river Horse riding in Listvyanka Pottery in Listvyanka Blacksmiths on Baikal House in Listvyanka Horse riding in the field in Listvyanka Into the woods Taltsy museum in winter Crystal Baikal ice Snowmobile on ice of Baikal Snowmobiling on ice On ice of Baikal In the forest Snowmobiling along Circum-Baikal railway A wooden house in Prospector's retreat lodge in Dark valley Dining room in Dark valley A river near the Banya in Dark valley Inside the wooden house in Dark valley On the way to Dark valley Making tea in the forest Trekking along the shore of Baikal to Screeper rock Trekking to Screeper rock, Baikal lake On ice of Baikal

Album "Olkhon"

- is a live heart of sacred Baikal, where shaman spirits are still being worshipped. It is the largest island of the lake, which outlines resemble the shape of Baikal. Though the island only 72 km long, various landscapes preserved there its beauty: woodless steppes together with golden sandy beaches are stretched along little bays, as well as monumental rocks and steep slopes are covered with thick shaggy forests at the eastern side. Olkhon is surrounded with lots of myths and legends; according to one there lives a master of Olkhon in the image of eagle. You won’t find ticks here and this island is called “Sunny Island” as there are almost no rains, but a lot of sunny days throughout the year.


Olkhon Island Admiring the vastness of Baikal waters The wooden statue made by nature The vast waters of Baikal Ice grottoes on Olkhon Shamanka rock, Olkhon Exploring ice caves A walk on the ice Fishing tent on the frozen Baikal Ice on Burkhan cape Shamanka rock in winter Icy shores of Olkhon island Icicle Shaman Riding over clear ice Fishermen tent Baikal Omul fish A curved lady Near the ice grotto of Olkhon in winter Evening ice on Baikal Ice-skating Olkhon On the very shore Flying seagull Sheep on Olkhon Turquoise water of Baikal Burkhan rock on Olkhon island On the arch of Khoboy Excursion by UAZ car on Olkhon Picnic in the forest near Khoboy Trekking to Khoboy - the northernmost of Olkhon Baikal ice mirrow Olkhon's bread it the tastiest bread on the planet! Olkhon's northernmost - Khoboy in winter Frozen spaces of Baikal lake in winter Horse-riding on Olkhon Shamanka, Olkhon The road to Khoboy, Olkhon Rhododendron blossomming on Olkhon The steep Eastern shore of Olkhon island Local Buryat man on his horse The steppe roads to Baikal Local horseman on Olkhon To the nearest village, Olkhon Horse on Olkhon Horses on Olkhon island, near Uzury village Burhan cape on Olkhon Admiring the majesty of Baikal lake near Khoboy cape Horse-riding on the biggest island of Baikal - Olchon Horse riding on Olchon Waiting for the ferry in MRS Waiting for the ferry to cross Olkhon Gates Strait Cozy bay where the ferry arrives The stop in Peschanka during the excursion Buryat tradition to tie stripes on trees Walking to Khoboy On the edge of a rocky cliff of Khoboy cape On the northernmost of Olkhon - Khoboy Lunch stop Local steppe flowers Three brothers Steppe pepermint Steppe edelweiss On the edge of Shunte cape, Olkhon island Rocky eastern shore of Olkhon On the top of Shunte cape Rocky Shunte cape, Olhon island Among the rocks Wishing for the baby-girl The cliff of Shunte cape in the rain Tet-a-tet Exploring the local sights "Three Brothers" Cape There is a small cave in the near-by rock Pausing on the beauty of the lake Near the "Three brothers" cape In Peschannaya bay, Olkhon Russian military UAZ-car - the best transport for Olkhon The sunset tree The mighty poles - Obo Starting horse-riding from the village on Olkhon On the horse The enthusiastic horse-rider During a break On a horse-riding tour on Olkhon Our team during the horse-riding trip on Olkhon Waiting for the car Horse-riding in the forest on Olkhon island "Kozak" is my name Horse-rider on Olkhon On the way back to the horse-farm Horse-riding to Baikal Horse-riding in the steppe of Olkhon island Three horse-riders Heading back to the village near the Baikal shore Rain over the Khuzhir Khuzhir village - the biggest village on Olkhon island Golden sunny village of Khuzhir Watching the sunset on Baikal shore, Olkhon Golden sun on Olkhon island Olkhon shore The rainbow over Huzhir village, Olkhon Miraculous place for photographers - Olkhon Baikal shore on Olkhon The pier in Khuzhir is on the backyard Boat pier in Khuzhir village, Olkhon Going to sleep, Olkhon pier The sunset on the local pier, Olkhon island Sand castle on the shore of Baikal Family trekking on Olkhon Picnic lunch during trekking on Olkhon Yellow poppies in Saraiskiy bay, Olkhon Biking near Khuzhir village, Olkhon island Trekking on Olkhon island Shara-Nur lake on Olkhon Omul fish soup Cruise on Lake Baikal Taking pictures of the shoreline from the boat at Baikal Watching the shore while cruising on Baikal On the boat near Shamanka cape on Olkhon Enjoying the ice and wind blowing in the face