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Svetlana (project manager, tour guide)

My name is Svetlana and I work as a guide at Baikal lake for more than 10 years. Traveling around Baikal lake has always been a passion of mine. In summer time it is trekking to the near-by mountains, traveling by bikes, jeep, moto, rock-climbing and just camping, and in winter it is cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, dog-sled riding and ice-climbing. I think I am very lucky to be born here, to breath the freshest air and drink clear water of the sacred sea, to camp in its cozy bays and climb its steep shores, to study its flora and fauna and see the seasons change each other. I am also a mother of a wonderful girl and a precious boy who make my life complete and we enjoy coming to Father Baikal for advice, healing and inspiration.

Every season I accompany and guide tourists. Positive feedback from them all around the world inspired and motivated me to create this web-site where I tell about the best places to visit and advise different tours to join. Tourists whom I have guided became my friends and it is they who support me to carry on, to keep moving and discovering… I am looking forward to many more years of welcoming you on an Baikal experience which you will never forget...Faithfully yours, Svetlana Donicheva

Julia (guide, trekking instructor)

Julia is an interpreter and a tour guide since 2005. In 2004-2005 she took part in Round World Expedition "Vancouver to Vancouver" by human power (Canada-Russia). She loves travelling a lot. It comes from her distant childhood where she spent all her free time away from home somewhere in Forests, Fields, Rivers, Mountains... She says: "Travelling is my Way of Life. Nature is my Home, where I feel save, free and absolutely happy!"

Sergey (driver, trekking instructor)

Sergey is an experienced guide of mostly active tours, loves Baikal trails and adventure, a talented photographer and a painter, a wonderful outdoor cook. He loves living in nature and built a wooden house by himself for his family in the forest. He is also keen on wood-curving and makes wooden toys for children. He is proud to be born and to live at Baikal land.

Andrey (diving instructor)

I am a Scuba diver instructor SDI/TDI #17076 I arrange dives for beginners and experienced divers. I offer dive coursee as well as ice-diving and dry suit diving specification certificates. To make the most of your stay in Listvyanka I recommend to try scuba diving in the well of the planet. Baikal might be cold and diving here is a hard work, but I think you'll never forget this lake! Best wishes and safe diving, Andrey Bobkov