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Dog-sledding to Circum-Baikal railway

Dog-sledding over the ice of Baikal lake

On this tour you’ll cover the distance of about 90 km over the clear and partly snowy ice of lake Baikal during 2 days, also see the winter beauty of the Circum-Baikal railway, try Banya, sleep in a wooden house and become the musher  among the spacious vastness of the frozen lake…

Available: Middle of February - end of March; Winter; Spring;
Duration: 2 days
Places: Circum-Baikal railway;
Activities: Sightseeing; Dog-sledding;

Day 1. Listvyanka - Lake Baikal - Shumikha station

The Circum-Baikal railway

You arrive to the Baikal dog-sledding center by yourself. There you’ll meet the dogs, their owners and instructors who will accompany you during this trip. You’ll be given short instructions on how to control the sled. You’ll start at about  11 am. (11.30 am). We’ll go along the river in Krestovaya valley which will lead to the shoreline of the lake. There you’ll ride over the ice-spaces of the winter frozen lake. In the beginning you’ll meet the clear fields if thick ice which in some places can be covered with snow. The further we are away from the shore – the more snowy the ice becomes. On a clear day one may see the snow-peaks of  the Khamar-Daban mountains, which softly change colors from light to dark blue. We’ll stop for lunch with hot tea on the way. It’s time to enjoy the spectacular views around and take pictures. We’ll continue our way further to Shumikha station. The total distance cover for today is 45 km. The distance may longer in case of by-passing the ice-cracks, ice-hummocks or places with open water.

In the evening we’ll arrive to the station where you’ll be accommodated at the base. We’ll cook dinner for the dogs and feed them. A hot Banya will be waiting for you. Dinner. You may have a walk to the nearest tunnel or an old locomotive if you want.

Day 2. Shumikha station - Lake Baikal - Listvyanka

Along the Circum-Baikal railway

After breakfast we get ready to start back. We pack our equipment  and load them to the sleds, form the dog-team and start the way back. Today is your second day of dog-sledding. You are more experienced than yesterday. You feel more stable and it gets more interesting to move by the sleds. You start to understand some specialties of the sledding dogs, you can differ them from each other and may be have your favorites ..

We’ll stop for lunch with hot tea on the way… And back to the road. We’ll reach the shore of Listvyanka  in the evening and follow the direction of Krestovaya river. There you’ll finish at the Baikal dog-sledding center where you’ll be awarded with a Certificate of a musher.  Fresh emotions, adrenalin and positive mood you’ll keep with you…

This tour is organized with many years of cooperation with the Baikal dog-sledding center.

The price includes:

-rent of the dog-sled and necessary equipment

-accompanying with a musher/instructor


-meals of the route

-Banya on the 1st day 

-Certificate of musher

Snowmobile accompanying is possible 

Please contact us for the tour price and available dates.

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