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Meeting with Baikal (trekking on Baikal shore)

Screeper rock

This 3-days (2 days possible) trekking tour allows you to explore the picturesque western shore of Baikal in the most environment-friendly way - trekking. You'll enjoy combined route in the shadows of Taiga forest together with walking along the splashes of waves of crystal-clear waters of the Lake and evenings next to the fire. Overnight in tents (or wooden houses on your demand). On a third day we offer an alternative: instead of trekking you can do horse-riding, 4WD Quad ride or boat ride at Baikal over the clearest waters of sacred lake. Part of the route was modified by Big Baikal trail, which becomes more attractive for family trekking at Baikal and doesn't require any special experience. Guests should be ready to hike about 18-20 km distance per day. Banya (Russian steam sauna) will help you to pause and relax after trekking day.

Available: from April to October; Summer; Spring; Autumn;
Duration: 3 days
Places: Baikal lake; Listvyanka;
Activities: Trekking;

Day 1. Start of the trip. Trekking from Goloustnoye

Baikal lily blossomming The tour starts from Irkutsk. In the morning you’ll be met at the train station or picked up from your hotel by your English speaking guide. You’ll have transfer to Bolshoe Goloustnoye village - our starting point of our trekking. (about 140 km ride). The name of the village means “wide bare river mouth” as the village stands at the place where one of the rivers flows into Baikal Lake. Only 30 km of the road is paved, the rest is gravel. After arrival we’ll get the backpacks ready and start trekking along the shoreline of the lake. After a short hike we’ll stop for lunch and this is the time when you can relax and may deepen your hands (or even have a swim swim) in crystal-clear waters of Great Siberian Lake. Lunch will be prepared for you over campfire near the Lake. After the rest we continue hiking along the shore line. The route runs over some hills, sometimes gets to very waters of the lake. Our trekking distance today is about 20 km. In the evening we’ll reach Kadilnaya Bay, where we will set up the tent camp and make fire. Enjoy listening to splashing waves or silence of sacred waters by sitting near campfire on the shore of the lake. Overnight in tents (or wooden house on your demand).
Morning silence in Goloustnoye Bolshoe Goloustnoye village Trekking in September Trekking in the rain along the shore of Baikal Feeding the horse in the forest Horses in the forest

Day 2. Trekking to Bolshie Koty village

Trekking to Bolshie Koty village After breakfast we’ll pack our camping equipment and have a short walk deeper in the valley (about 1.5 km) to discover the caves. This cave is about 20 meters high and has a reach-through hole on the top. Archeologists have found marks of the fireplace and different household items of the Iron Age, bones of the skeleton of man and teeth of some animals. We’ll go back to the Lake and continue trekking along the shore. The next sight we’ll pass is “Devil’s Bridge”. This place was called so because locals more than 100 years ago have build hand-made pass on a steep slope of this rocky cliff, avoiding long way around it. This impressive trail goes on the altitude of 15-20 m over the lake level and makes way through this cliff much shorter. Lunch will be prepared for you over the fire with Baikal water. Further the route climbs to the top of the cliff which has a name “Screeper”. This cliff has unique geological structure very rare at Baikal region - Yurk conglomerate. It is made of sandy rock with shingle. Going up is long but not disappointing as you will have breathtaking view on the top as your reward! From the top of the cliff you’ll see fantastic view of the vast expanses of the Lake and transparent turquoise colored waters of Baikal, as well as near-by village - Bolshie Koty. It is an old Russian village which was founded here at Siberian Gold Rush time in 1880’s. There are about 40 locals who live there all year around, others come here only in summer. This place has its own atmosphere, very calm and relaxing. Accommodation in tents or wooden houses (on your demand). Dinner. Before or after dinner you may experience Banya – Russian steam sauna which will help you to relax after trekking day. Total trekking distance is about 23 km.
Drinking the clearest Baikal water Screeper rock Trekking to Bolshie Koty village Giant pine tree Crossing the Devil's bridge In one of the caves of Kadilniy cape Exploring the caves of Kadilniy cape

Day 3. Trekking to Listvyanka village

Campfire on the very shore of Baikal Today we'll cover the rest of the distance to Listvyanka. This part of the route is the steepest as there is rocky shore close to Listvyanka. Or you should be ready to walk along serpantine to overtake this rocky massive. As an alternative to trekking we offer to go by boat or quad or horse-riding this distance from Koty to Listvyanka. After breakfast we'll pack our backpacks and start. Lunch in the forest. Before Listvyanka the route will climb higher and higher because of steep rocky cliffs. The distance to Listvyanka is about 18 km. The name of the village comes from the Larch trees ("Listvennitza" in Russian language), which are widely spread on the near-by mountains. Upon arrival to Listvyanka village you'll visit the souvenir and fish market where you can find freshly smoked famous Baikal fish "Omul" and different Baikal souvenirs. This is the final destination of our trip. Relax, watch your pictures and may the memories of these three days spent near the Lake make calm, strong and inspired! 


We may adjust the program individually for you according to your interests and demands. We may shorten, longer the program depending on your time, change the last trekking day into a transfer by boat to Litvyanka, change accommodation in houses to tents and tents to houses (in this case you’ll need to carry your tent, mat and sleeping bag), prepare vegetarian food, organize fishing at the Lake, etc. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your demands.

In the Black valley Three colors Baikal is the deepest mirror Studying the flowers Trekking in the blossoming meadows Blossoming flowers in May Trekking along the shore of Baikal lake Map of trekking and canoeing Baikal

Tour price includes:

  • Guiding service
  • Accommodation according to a program (In tents, if you wish to spend the nights in wooden houses, please, tell us about it in advance)
  • All meals according to a program
  • Transfer Irkutsk - Bolshoe Goloustnoye village
  • National Park and museum fees
  • Rent of camping equipment

Please contact us for the tour price and available dates.

Comments from our guests

Paul Doyle, Germany

Nov. 20, 2013, 5:26 a.m.

G'day Svetlana,
Susi and I had a great time on the trip and it was a highlight of our month-long Trans-Siberian trip. The scenery was amazing: steep mountains covered in pine and silver birch forests sweeping down to the crystal clear waters of Lake Baikal (sounds a bit tourist broucher-ish, but that is how it was. We went in June and the wildflowers were at there peak. We were also lucky enough to see a freshwater seal and a snake (both from a distance).
We were well looked after. Oleg our guide cooked up some great Russian camp food and provided us with tea made from herbs picked from the forest surrounding the campsite. Everything was well organised, with kayaks waiting for us for the last leg of our jouney and tents, sleeping bags etc. provided. Dasha and Yulia helped Oleg with the guiding and acted as interpreters for us. We really benefitted from their company as they helped point out things along the track (e.g. edelwiess flowers) and gave us little insights into Russian culture. They were also warm-hearted people (again, sounds a bit "nice", but how else do you put it?), so our trip was made much more enjoyable thanks to their compnay. I´d happily recommend the trip we did to anyone going to the Baikal region.

René de Jong, Netherlands

Dec. 3, 2010, 12:37 p.m.
Gefeliciteerd!!! (=congratulations in Dutch) My three day Baikal trekking with you was fantastic. Watching the sun go up in the morning, enjoying the fresh air of the Baikal lake and the thoughts of the great environment you showed me still fill my mind with great joy. Your enthousiasm and knowledge of the lake and its surroundings were fantastic! I've made many travels in my life... but the hike with you was one of the highlights! I am sure we'll meet again someday... There's no better guide for this beautiful trip then you! Good luck with your new adventure! René
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