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Traditional Baikal

Siberian wooden house of the XIX century Russia is known as the country with rich history, traditions, culture. People who live here are famed for their warm hospitality, openness and willingness to share their cultures and life experience with guests. On this tour foreign travelers are given an opportunity to explore both gorgeous Baikal sights and Baikal people with their culture and traditions. Also guests will experience traditional troika ride, live in a wooden house on the bank of Siberian river, experience a natinal specialty of the Russians - Banya (steam bath), learn a very popular Russian song "Glorious Sea-Holy Lake Baikal", try making a clay pot themselves or forge a horseshoe with experienced blacksmith, visit a house of local craftsman in the typical Baikal vilage.

Available: All year around;
Duration: 2 days
Places: Baikal lake; Listvyanka;
Activities: Sightseeing; Horse-riding;

Day 1. Visiting the local craftsman in the village, Taltsy museum of wooden architecture

The crafts man in Taltsy In the morning you will be met by your guide at the train station/airport/hotel and have transfer to Taltsy museum – open air museum of wooden architecrture which is on your way to Listvyanka village – a small Russian settlement on the shore of Baikal. You’ll ride along Baikal highway which connects Irkutsk with Listvyanka for 75 km distance – the shortest access to Baikal lake from Irkutsk. The road is very picturesque itself. You’ll ride mostly through taiga forest and little Russian villages on the way which stand on the shore of Angara river – the only river which flows out of Baikal lake. Most of the village people used to be fishermen and hunters in the past, no industry in located there. In one of such villages you will have a short stop to vosot the house of local birch bark craftsman. His wooden house stands on the shore of Angara river and has a view to it right from its yard. Clear, frosty air and steaming Siberian Angara river together with calm, quiet and peaceful nature around. His wife and he make cups and other utensils made of birch bark. Since ancient times birch bark (called “beresta” in Russian) was considered to have curative power. If is believed to remove negative energy from the body. Birch bark barrels were used to keep bread and milk products which can breath through birch bark, and not get spoiled for a long time. His masterpieced cups have no seals inside, they are made with one piece of birch, there are no glued parts and no glue at all, a special technology makes its way. Simple, but very practical, nothing leaks or falls off, pleasant to touch and the smell… brings you back into the woods.

On the 47th km of the highway you’ll arrive to the Taltsy museum, which stands on Taltsinka river valley, which is translated as “never freezing over” from the language of locals. The museum is unique and worth visiting for anyone who comes to visit Baikal lake. This architectural-ethnographical museum Taltsy is a collection of monuments featuring 17th-20th century’s history, architecture, ethnography. The visitors are given an opportunity to get acquainted directly with material and spiritual life of peoples living in Baikal county. The crowns of high trees will keep you in the shadow and clean air from Angara river will fill you with freshness. You’ll visit the old flour meals, merchant’s masons, church parish school, Ilimsk fortress tower and Buryat yurts. You can also buy souvenirs here or walk to the shore of Angara river.

You will drive a little further along the road and reach a nice place on the bank of Angara river with cozy wooden houses where you will be accommodated. There is a restaurant where you may have dinner. You may also try traditional Russian specialty - Banya (steam bath), a place to wash, to treat any sickness, to think and relax.
Studying the wooden oil press In one of the mansions on the front yard Near the house of the birch bark craftsman in Bolshaya Rechka village At the house of the local craftsman Thcum-golomo house of local Siberian people Wooden house of tourist base on the bank of Angara river

Day 2. Troika ride, Listvyanka sightseeing, smithing and pottery

Listvyanka shore After breakfast you will have a ride in traditional troika (which means "a set of three") - a cart pulled by three horses. Then transfer to Listvyanka village on the shore of Baikal lake. Stop near sacred place - Shaman rock where you will be told a legend about Father Baikal and his only daughter Angara. Sightseeing Listvyanka. It is possible to visit Cherskiy rock with a nice observation platform and view to Port Baikal and the lake itself, and St. Nickolas church. Lunch. Visiting the house of Blacksmiths where you will be told the technique of smithing and you may try to make yourselves the horse shoe or amulet. Also you may try the pottery wheel to make the clay pot which was widely used for domestic purposes. You will be taught the secrets of pottery and the meaning of different patterns which were used. Return to Irkutsk.
Horse riding in Listvyanka Pottery in Listvyanka Blacksmiths on Baikal House in Listvyanka Horse riding in the field in Listvyanka Shaman lady

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