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Khamar-Daban trekking (Cherskiy Peak)

On the flowering meadows near the Cherskiy peak in Khamar-Daban

4-days trekking tour to mysterious Taiga mountains on the south of Baikal lake – Khamar-Daban. which is called Siberian Alps, among giant cedar trees, mountain rashing streams and a cascade of waterfalls, fresh bracing mountain air, meadows of blossoming wild flowers and a masterpiece of Mother Nature - Lake shaped like a Heart – you won’t stop admiring this beauty which will inspire you! Sleeping in tents or wooden house upon your demand.

Available: from June to September; Summer; Autumn;
Duration: 4 days
Places: Khamar-Daban;
Activities: Trekking;

Day 1. Start of the trip. Trekking up Slyudyanka river

On the flowering meadows near the Cherskiy peak in Khamar-Daban

In the morning we will take a ride southwards from Irkutsk to Baikal lake (about 120 km, paved road). During this trip you will see Taiga forest, several small Siberian villages on Transsib rail line and Baikal lake surrounded by Khamar-Daban mountain ridge. The car will bring us to Sludjanka city situated on the main Transsib line next to the slopes of Khamar-Daban mountains. Trekking route starts just at the border of this small city. If you want your luggage to be brought up by horses - it must be discussed and ordered in advance. The hiking route goes along Sludjanka river up to the mountains. Lunch will be served for you like a picnic at the river side. After lunch we’ll start hiking along river valley up to the river source. The hiking route goes along the old geological road which was built there for the reason of extracting very rare Baikal mineral – Lazurite. The road was build at 1960-s and now it’s possible to drive there only by huge military trucks. We will cross the river several times by wooden bridges. The route is very picturesque: skin flowers, green slopes, crystal-clear running water near-by. It is possible to swim in the mountainous river in the hot day. This area has very high humidity of the air and this makes green moss grow on the stones, ground and trees. Tonight we will set up tent camp in the picturesque meadow among the evergreen cedar tree forest. If the group is in good physical condition it is possible to reach meteostation at the altitude of 1400 meters and spend the night either at the warm houses or tents (depending on your demand). Dinner will be prepared for you there. Overnight: Tent camp/wooden house. Total trek distance for this day is 23 km.

Siberian jungles Trekking over the bridge crossing Sludyanka river In the taiga forest Trekking over the bridge Guide

Day 2. Trekking to the summit of Cherskiy rock

On the top of Cherskiy Peak (Peak Cherskogo)

After breakfast we will start trekking up to the serpentine to end of the forest zone. Small trail runs through Taiga forest with huge and old cedar trees, some of them are probably more than 300 years old. After a while, we’ll get to the Alpine meadows – usually flowering all summer period. Then the trail will bring us to the mountain rib above forest zone, where we will continue hiking to the summit of peak Cherskogo (2090 m) – highest mount of this area. The From the summit you can observe the southern extremity of Baikal Lake and Lake Heart (it has the shape of heart). It is believed that if you come here with the person you like, it will make your love stronger. On a clear day you can see even rocky Sayan mountains on the horizontal line. Returning back to the meteostation or a campsite. Overnight: Tent camp/Wooden house. Total trek distance for this day is 20 km.

On the way back from the summit of Cherskiy peak Trekking in Khamar-Daban mountains In the mountains Lake "Heart" on the way to Cherskiy peak On the top of Cherskiy Peak On the rocky part of ascending the Cherskiy peak

Day 3. Visiting the cascade of waterfalls

Waterfalls of Podkomarnaya river

Today after breakfast we’ll go to visit the waterfalls on the Podkomarnaya river. One of the waterfalls you can see and hear right from the place where we camp. The route goes through the forest, sometimes on the boulders (fallen stones), over the slopes. In June this place is all covered with a carpet of light yellow flowers, sometimes with wild garlic. Lunch will be prepared for you near one of the waterfalls. Enjoy swimming in the sparkling waterfalls on a hot day. It is refreshing and energizing! Returning back to the camp. Dinner, resting time. In autumn it is a luxury place for berry lovers. You may lay down in the meadow and eat the berries right in front of you. It is mostly sweet blueberries and mountain cranberries. Foreign tourists love making compote with these gifts of nature and herbs. Overnight: Tent camp/Wooden house. Total trek distance for this day is 15 km.

Trekking to the waterfalls One of the waterfalls of Podkomarnaya river The valleys of blossoming wild flowers The Meteostation base A short break in the jungles On a trail to waterfalls

Day 4. Trekking back to Slyudyanka village

Crossing Sludyanka river

Today in the morning after breakfast we will pick up all our camping equipment and start hiking down to Sludjanka city. Usually it takes about 6-7 hours to go back. The way back is always easier and seems shorter. Lunch will be prepared for you on the route. After arriving to Sludyanka we will take a drive back to Irkutsk. At the serpentine next to the shore of Baikal lake we will have lunch at the road cafe, were you can try several dishes in traditional Siberian cuisine. Transfer time is about 2.5 hours. Total trek distance for this day is 23 km.


We may adjust the program individually for you according to your interests and demands. We may shorten (make 3 days instead of four), longer the program depending on your time, organize different kind of accommodation, prepare vegetarian food, hire horses for carrying the luggage to/from the meteostation, hire 4WD car to the 1/3 route, organize Banya and overnight in Slyudyanka on the last day of the program, etc.

It is possible to pick up blueberries while trekking At the fire near the meteostation of Khamar-Daban mountains Powerfull current of Sludyanka river It is possible to rent horses for the luggage The guest house at the meteostation Crossing the river

Tour price includes:

  • All transfers according a program (Irkursk - Sludyanka - Irkutsk) 
  • English-speaking guide service 
  • complete meal 3 times a day during the program
  • camping equipment (tents, pots, dishes) 
  • all fees for visiting national park zones 

Tour price doesn’t include extra services: pick up by 4WD car to 1/3 of the route, transfer of luggage by horses, Banya at the base, accommodation at wooden houses at the meteostation.

If you have any questions or would like to book the tour, please, contact us. Thank you for your interest!

Please contact us for the tour price and available dates.

Comments from our guests

Mr. Lee, Korea

June 16, 2014, 9:29 p.m.
Dear Ms Sveta, Many thanks for my fantastic trekking to Baikal Lake. Of course, I rememer you and all the good memories with you during my both stays in Baikal area. Glad to hear from you and greetings from our group! Best regards, CH Lee from Korea

Lee, Korea

June 16, 2014, 9:25 p.m.
Already 3 years has passed after my Khamar-Daban trekking. I still rememer so nice trip there with your wonderful guide. Send a congratulatory message for Svetlana and hope your success!
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