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Horse-riding at Baikal lake 1 or 2 days

Horse-riding in the forest

Horse-riding is when the freedom and rhythm of gallop are the essence of the one, it is the feeling of full partnership with the horse as a whole, it is the flight of soul above the earth…A horse-riding trip Listvyanka - Dark valley – Listvyanka, which is about 18 km one way. The tour includes a picnic in taiga forest along the way, overnight in tents in Dark valley not far from Baikal lake, dinner and breakfast. Can be combined with some other tour.

For one day horse-rising tour to Baikal lake we can offer a ride to observation point in Listvyanka - Cherskiy rock, with picnic in the forest. In the fields on the way it is possible to go allure and galloping.

Available: from May to October; Summer; Autumn;
Duration: 2 days
Places: Listvyanka;
Activities: Horse-riding;

Day 1. Horse riding to Baikal

A horse in the village

Your tour starts in Listvyanka from the dog-sledding and horse-riding. You’ll be offered a special wind-proof gear, gloves and boots. Then you’ll be given instructions on the safety technique of how to horse-ride. Some training at the nearest meadow and then you’ll go to the forest from where your cross-country route starts. You should follow your instructor who is the leader of your group and goes first. During all the trip you can talk to instructor and follow all his instructions. You can have some stops on your way for taking pictures at the most picturesque places. You’ll also have a lunch stop in a forest. Your way lies through taiga forest, crossing the forest stream and climbing the Dark pass. When you get down the pass you’ll reach a Dark valley where you’ll set a tent and make a campfire. In the evening you’ll enjoy watching the starry Baikal sky next to the fire. Dinner will be prepared for you ober the fire as well. Overnight in tents. (Upon ypur demand it is possible to spend the night in the house of near by village - Bolshie Koty).

Before making a lunch stop on horse-riding tour to Baikal Horses on the shore of Baikal Lunch stop in the forest during horse-riding tour to Baikal Baikal fish - Omul, prepared local way on fire On the way to Baikal

Day 2. Horse-riding to Listvyanka

On horse-riding tour to Baikal

This day after breakfast we’ll start back to Listvyanka. Today you’ll have long gradual rise to the pass which is 900 meters high above the sea-level and the quite steep descent. At this past of the route you must not hurry and follow all instructions. Today you'll feel more confident with your horse. You’ll have some stops on the way to have a rest, take pictures and admire the beauty of nature around. In the second half of the day you’ll return to Listvyanka.

If you don’t have any experience in horse-riding you’ll be given instructions and advice on how to get on the horse, how to control it, the basics of trot, and then you’ll lead to the forest where the main thing is to stay calm and confident. Those who have some experience would like to know also individual character of his horse.

Feeding the horse in the forest Horses in the forest Horse riding in the forest from Bolshie Koty to Listvyanka House in Bolshie Koty Horse riding from Bolshie Koty village

Useful information:

Summer gear: training suit of your size, a vest, gloves and a hat or bandana. In a chilly weather a jacket. Shoes must be low- heeled and not smooth. Jeans are not appropriate for horse-riding.If you take a photo or video camera with you, don’t forget to check the batteries.

Rules at the horse-yard:

  • It is forbidden to visit the horse-yard without instructor’s permission
  • No smoking, running, shouting and hands waving near horses.
  • No photography with a flash
  • Don’t enter a horse-bow without instructor’s permission
  • Don’t give your hands to horses through the fence – the horse might bite
  • Don’t feed animals without instructor’s permission. You can bring apples, carrot, watermelon peel, dried bread, sugar cubes to give a treat to a horse.
  • If you travel with children – don’t leave them alone.
  • Put away any piercing or cutting objects from your pockets and clothes, in order to prevent injury of you and your horse while travelling
  • When you come close to the horse, make sure that it sees you. The horse has some “Blind spots” at different sides of its visual angle. That’s why always talk to a horse when you come close to it. Because of such “blind spots” try to avod coming straight from the back or front. Come from the shoulder side.
  • Wherever you are near the horse, keep your hand on its body and when you move around the horse – stay away from it’s back legs, at the distance of about 2.5 meters.
  • It is forbidden to ride a horse if you don’t feel well or after taking alcohol or medicine which influences the coordination.
Please, contact our manager for the tour price for this season.
The tour price includes:
-Horse-riding Russian-speaking instructor's service during the trip (with basic English knowledge)
-English-speaking guide service
-accommodation in tents
-All meals during the trip (L,D,B,L)
-rent of necessary horse-riding equipment

If you have any questions or would like to book the tour, please, contact us. Thank you for your interest!

Please contact us for the tour price and available dates.

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