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One day trekking to Baikal lake

Baikal is the deepest mirror

This tour is for those who is short in time and has only one day to discover the slopes and waters of Baikal lake. You will have trekking in the picturesque taiga forest along the shore of Baikal Lake. Enjoy lunch with served for you on the very shore. You’ll be picked up by the boat and observe the landscape the way back from the water-side.

Available: from June to September; Summer;
Duration: 1 days
Places: Baikal lake; Listvyanka;
Activities: Trekking; Cruises;

Day 1. Trekking in taiga forest and boat ride

Baikal jungles

You have probably heard that long time ago Baikal was the crossroad of ways leading to China, Mongolia and Japan, and many ships of rich Russian and foreign merchants arrived here for trading. Well, many of ships sank in waters of Baikal because of severe storms on Baikal and many trasures are still not found since then. Some of the people survived as well as many treasures were hidden all around Baikal. You are the lucky ones if you can read the signs on your way in Taiga forest and on the shore and find where the treasures are. The tour starts in Listvyanka – a small Russian settlement on the shore of Baikal. The name of the village comes from the Larch trees – Listvennitza, which are widely spread on the near-by mountains. At first you will have a short jeep-safari to one of the branches of Primorsky mountain range. A car will bring us to a small valley from where we will start hiking. The route goes in picturesque Taiga forest with different trees and plants around. This part of the route is not popular with tourists and the route is not very wide. You’ll see overgrowth of Bergenia – a plant with big round leaves which covers the ground like carpet. In June this route is all pink color when this plant starts blossoming. On the way you’ll notice some signs which will give you some clues where the treasures might be. The route slowly climbs the hill and joins the route of BBT (Big Baikal Trail), which was built by volunteers. We’ll go down the valley until we reach Baikal.

Lunch will be prepared for you on the shore of the Lake and while it is being cooked you may take a swim in clearest Baikal waters or lay on the shore getting suntan. After lunch we’ll take the route which goes along the shore of Baikal. We’ll keep trekking until we reach the designated place according to your signs and the rest of the distance to Listvyanka we’ll cover by riding a boat. You’ll have a chance to see the shore from the waterside. Cutting the clean transparent waters surrounded by a great landscape of taiga slopes from one side and mountains on the other side of the lake will become an amazing end of our trip. Our trip will finish in Listvyanka village and you may visit the souvenirs square or buy Baikal Omul fish there afterwards.

Notice: The tour starts from Listvyanka. We can pick you up from Irkutsk if you want the tour to start there and bring you back to Irkutsk if you need. This must be discussed before you book this trip. The trasfer Irkutsk-Listvyanka - Irkustk is not included into the tour price.

Baikal is the deepest mirror Rain awards us with a rainbow Boat at Baikal Baikal jungles Lunch on the shore

Tour price includes:

  • English-speaking guide service
  • Lunch on the shore of the Lake
  • all fees for visiting national park zones
  • Boat transfer back to Listvyanka

If you have any questions or would like to book the tour, please, contact us. Thank you for your interest!

Please contact us for the tour price and available dates.

Comments from our guests

Susie and Bill, USA

Oct. 17, 2010, 7:24 a.m.
Dear Lana, We had a great trip guided by you! We have not been back to Siberia in a few yrs, but someday..............we might!!! When we look at the lovely photos you took, we also think of you and our trip. Thanks again. Hope all is well in your life otherwise as well.
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